Shenzhen ZQGame will be unveiling its military-themed massively multiplayer online game, ‘Final Fire’, during E3 2015 in Los Angeles. Set in the era of modern warfare, enlistees will choose their allegiance and battle in team versus team armored vehicle combat fought throughout the land, air and sea. All vehicles are a visually realistic model of offensive and support units used by various military institutions during and after Worlds War 2. Final Fire’s map design also represents the era’s historical confrontation landmarks where teams will battle through rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions. Vehicles will have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the map, making teamwork and a well-executed strategy crucial for victory. Final Fire has recently been “greenlit” by Valve’s community on Steam Greenlight ™, garnering mainstream attention for the game’s release. After concluding its second round of closed-beta testing in China, ZQGame is anticipating a commercial global launch in Q4 2015.


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