YouTube’s gaming platform on which gamers connect with each other through videos and live streams is available in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries via web and mobile app on iOS and Android. The official website currently has more than 25,000 games, each with its own page that consists of all the game’s videos and best live streams. There are also channels from many different game publishers and YouTube creators.

The new live-game streaming service dubbed as ‘YouTube Gaming’, will allow users  to rewind and catch up to the stream of their favorite online games, including their recorded sessions.

As per Indonesia-based news site, Jakartapost, the page will automatically filter the top videos and best live streams while also listing various channels from different game publishers and YouTube creator.

For instance, Android users will be able to record and stream their sessions by simply using their front camera and the microphone, giving them an option to ‘Go Live’ anytime they please. They will also be allowed to do a ‘pop out playback’, which overlays the playback of the video in the corner of the screen.

The move is expected to bolster Youtube’s attempt to establish an online gaming community for its billions of subscribers.

Source: JakartaPost, Inquirer