Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently took a trip to Japan to meet with a number of Japanese third-party game developers in an attempt to encourage the production of more Japanese video games for the Xbox ecosystem.

The Xbox Head did not provide specifics of his trip to Japan but did tweet that it “was a great trip”. The Twitter tweet reads, “A lot of dev interest in Scorpio/XB1. Previewed a lot of new games. Can’t share 3P specifics but Japan was a great trip.” It was a response to a question tweeted by one Nathan Stephenson asking if the trip was productive and if Xbox fans would be “hearing anything about it”.

The Xbox One, the older Xbox 360, and the original Xbox have always had a difficulty of penetrating the market in Japan. Japanese gamers have always preferred gaming consoles designed by Sony and Nintendo which can be attributed to the absence of popular Japanese game titles and franchises.

Although the Final Fantasy franchise has already made its way to Microsoft’s current flagship gaming console with Final Fantasy XV, there are still a lot more hit game titles Microsoft’s gaming console does not currently carry. Given that Windows 10 PCs are getting quite popular in Japan and Xbox games are slowly becoming PC-compatible, there could be hope of more Japanese titles on the gaming console yet.
Spencer has promised that more amazing games for the Xbox will be announced at this year’s E3. He also added that 2017 will be a great year for Xbox One and Project Scorpio owners. This could possibly be a hint that the Xbox Head’s Japan trip was a successful one.