The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) closed its doors on Sunday with the 2nd highest number of visitors in its history. Under the theme “Play Your Way: Games Unleashed”, TGS 2015 had the record high of 480 corporations/organizations (246 were from outside of Japan) as exhibitors. According to the organizers, the booths for game video streaming,  VR (Virtual Reality) and indie game titles in particular gathered highest interest out of visitors and press from Japan as well as overseas.

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Here are the highs and lows from press and media outlets about the results of Tokyo Game Show 2015:


Tokyo Game Show 2015: Console Needs More 3rd Party Support, Mobile Has Peaked

One of the signs in gaming before the floor falls out from beneath you is that of wanton excess. This year’s Tokyo Game Show had that in abundance, not from console publishers mind but the mobile gaming contingent. Yet in Japan, many feel the market has peaked so the excess was very telling. Huge mobile gaming booths erupted across Makuhari Messe, to the extent that the external halls had to be used. Yet, for all the mobile presence the show felt more of a B2B event. As many of these new booths didn’t have many games to actually play. Considering that the Tokyo Game Show is a public event, with the business days more of an addendum, this approach felt decidedly out of place. On the surface it may look like mobile business is booming in Japan but it’s not that simple……

I have been going to the Tokyo Game Show on and off now for over fifteen years, so I have seen the show at various points in the past few console generations. This year was arguably one of the worst on record for console games, as most of the major Japanese publishers had very little to show. VR may be one thing to help build variety in the console gaming base but from what I saw I was left underwhelmed.

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The best of the Tokyo Game Show (so far)

How does lining up for 40 minutes to play five minutes of a new game sound? It’s definitely a trade-off, but it’s often (usually) worth it. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we saw a giant 20-foot griffin thing play ball, nothing from Microsoft and a lot of games that are unequivocally geared toward Japanese gamers. Anime tie-ins and Dynasty Warriors-esque crowd-em-ups aside, there was still plenty for us to play. These are the ones that left an impression. Read more here.


Video: The highs and lows of Tokyo Game Show 2015

The halls of the Makuharai Messe are being swept clean, all the cosplayers are back home disassembling their amazing outfits and we’re now back home in England, resenting the fact we’re no longer in a country where it’s possible to do karaoke until the sun rises any night of the week. Tokyo Game Show is done for another year, and it was another fascinating event – perhaps without the big headlines of 2014 that saw Final Fantasy 15 being announced, but with a breadth of new games that showed that, while mobile is still king, Japan is slowly coming around to the new generation of consoles. Continue reading here.


Tokyo Game Show is focusing more and more at its home market

Tokyo Game Show is focussing more and more on the local games industry and served the industry no longer as an global event. Big international announcements (except the one about VR from Sony) were missed and international big players (like Microsoft) skipped the show this year. TGS 2015 was dominated by mobile games, around of 40 %. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the push into the mobile (games) market in Asia. Many companies including Konami have said that the mobile segment continues to grow in the region as gamers are increasingly shifting to this market. Konami isn’t the only Japanese triple-A publisher to be leaving dedicated games area and putting resources into mobile titles. Many Japanese publishers who once focused solely on triple-A gaming have also shifted efforts and resources to developing for mobile devices — Sony, Capcom, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Sega all produce mobile games —  while also keeping one foot in console and PC development.


The Best Toys and Tech of Tokyo Game Show 2015

Tokyo Game Show 2015 showcased awesome new gaming hardware this year, and its featured figurine exhibits showed off some high-quality toys we can’t wait to buy. From new pieces for your PlayStation 4 to Final Fantasy 15 and Metal Gear Solid 5 merch, there was a lot of gorgeous stuff to lust for and look at. Continue reading here.

TGS 2015: 40% of Games Exhibited Were Mobile, Action is the Most Popular Genre

A list of trending platforms and genres obtained by media during the Tokyo Game Show 2015 reveals that 40 percent of the 1,283 games exhibited during the event were mobile titles. PC accounted for 186 games (including Steam and browser games), and a total of 244 games were on display for all current-gen consoles and handhelds combined. The full breakdown is as follows: Link

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