Climax Studios, the Portsmouth based UK developer and VR publisher, has opened a new studio in Auckland, New Zealand. The team consists of eight members all of whom are coders who worked at the recently closed Gameloft studio. The new Climax studio is headed up by industry veteran Andy Wilton.

climaxClimax CEO Simon Gardner said “It was a great opportunity to hire a group of engineers, who were both experienced, talented and are already used to working as a team. In addition I have known and worked with Andy for most of my life and he has worked for Climax as a contractor on numerous occasions in the past. The opportunity was just too good to miss.”

It is believed the team is currently working on AR technology for a large US corporation. The Studio has plans to grow organically over the next 12 months and is keen to discuss VR and AR projects.

Climax Studios UK is currently working with Amazon, Codemasters, Google, Microsoft, Oculus and has several self funded titles in development. Its latest self published title was Bandit Six on Google Cardboard, a port of the number 1 selling game for the Samsung Gear VR.

Source: Climax Studios