Indonesian game developer Touchten Games announced that they are partnering with conservation agency WWF Indonesia to globally launch Fishing Town on Android and iOS. The role-playing game Fishing Town is a partnership project between Touchten Games and WWF-Indonesia.

In this project, Touchten Games set out to explore working with games as a media for awareness raising and fund raising towards the issues of marine conservation and fisheries sustainability. Part of the revenues from this game will be allocated to support marine and fisheries conservation programs in Indonesia, at the discretion of Touchten Games. For every in-app purchase made in Fishing Town, Touchten Games will donate US$1 to WWF to for its marine conservation programme.

“One year ago … my colleagues and I approached the WWF to begin a conversation around games with a cause. Shortly after, they invited us to join their media trip to the Wakatobi National Park in Sulawesi,” said Rokimas Soeharyo, COO and Co-Founder of Touchten. “We came to believe that if the public becomes aware of these issues, then they will be in a better position to support marine conservation and fisheries sustainability efforts, before it is too late,” he concluded.

Fishing Town follows the story of Lukas, who lives in a fishing village in Indonesia’s Wakatobi islands. With his father, he goes on an adventurous fishing journey –involving a ‘mysterious legendary creature’—while the villagers depend on the catch they bring home.

Apart from being competitive because the goal is to catch as much fish as you can, users also learn about marine conservation by being friends with the villagers and expanding their fishing town. The WWF team helped with references about fish species, as well as fishing and marine conservation best practices which are included in the game.

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Source:, Touchten Games