The Tokyo Game Show 2016 opens its doors today, and will be held for four days from till September 18th. The first two days are business days for video game industry insiders and the press, while the last two days are public days.

A record 614 companies and groups from 37 countries and regions are exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2016. Breakdowns are 269 Japanese and 345 foreign companies. (Last year there were 234 Japanese and 246 foreign companies.) Moreover, the number of displayed titles for which there were advance applications is 1,523.

Also, 35 companies from 6 countries and regions are exhibiting in the newly set up VR Area. The total number of displayed VR titles at TGS 2016 will be 110.

tgs-2016-ccReasons for the expanding numbers of foreign exhibitors are that with the video game
industry expanding on a global scale thanks to the birth of smartphones and new VR platforms, foreign companies are seeking meetings with Japanese companies which possess excellent content, and are exploring international collaborations.

The Tokyo Game Show has even become a hub that provides a location for meetings between foreign companies. Moreover, the number of independent game companies exhibiting this year has increased to 119 (last year there were 98), of which 60% are
foreign indie game developers. Now that video games can easily be published online, indie game developers themselves are increasingly participating in game exhibitions around the world, and actively promoting their products.

With the motto of “Press Start to Play the Future”, this year’s Tokyo Game Show will allow you to experience the front lines of the rapidly changing ways of gaming, with a focus on the newest technologies such as VR and AI. Entertainment from all genres will be assembled at the venue, from the newest games that use VR technology, which is expanding the possibilities of games to allow for never seen experiences, to casual apps for playing anytime and anywhere at your own leisure with smart devices such as smartphones. Moreover, a new gaming culture is establishing itself in which people can view, experience, and root on players in games aside from just playing on one’s own, with eSports where pro gamers make the sparks fly, to live online streaming of one’s own play videos with commentary.

Figures Tokyo Game Show 2016

Exhibitors : 614 (last year: 480)
Exhibition boothes: 1,939 (last year: 2,009)
Countries and regions represented : 37 (last year: 37)
Displayed titles : 1,523 (last year: 1,283)

Source: CESA