China is set to beat the USA to become the biggest game market in the world, for the first time in history, and these stocks reflect the Asian market dominating the industry. Companies in the mobile gaming field tend to either be startups or to have larger market caps. That being said, here are some small stocks that may interest video game investors. The two following companies all have market caps under $50 million and could be coming in a focus for another investment.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, GigaMedia provide online games and cloud computing businesses. Their game portal business, FunTown, is focused on the high-growth mobile and browser-based casual games and social casino games markets in Asia. FunTown provides various services including Avatars, Family and Friends Messenger and Tournaments, to name a few.

A notable top performer on the NASDAQ tech stocks in 2016, so far things are still looking good; year-to-date they have gained 7.53 percent. They have a market cap of $33.94 million.

The9 are a Chinese company specializing in web and mobile games. They see online game as ‘the ninth mode’ of art, after painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, dance, drama and movie. Firefall is an example of one of their best-known titles.

With a market cap of $39.05 million, they are the largest on this list. Yet they are not such a hot stock; they have struggled to make gains since as far back as 2007. Thereafter they have seen a downwards trajectory in share price. Year-to-date they are down 16.8 percent. Depending on the amount of risk each investor is after, they are either one to keep an eye on or one to avoid.

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