The  Open Gaming Alliance (OGA), a non-profit trade association focused on the games industry business, announced  it has launched several new initiatives, including two new membership levels, three new special interest groups, and significant expansion of its current indie studio support. These initiatives, created to more comprehensively reflect the evolution of the business of games, will kick off at this month’s  E3 Expo. ”It used to be the case that there were a few tried and true paths to success in the industry; dominated by powerhouse publishers, retail leaders and a limited number of platforms,” said  Wanda Meloni, OGA vice president and principal of M2 Advisory Group. “An expansion of the gaming audience, the rise of the mobile platform and an increase in digital downloads have opened the industry up for a multitude of platforms, independent developers of all sizes, and outgrowth sectors such as virtual reality and esports. The OGA is increasing its areas of focus to ensure we represent the wide range of needs, business practices and opportunities of our members.” The first area of expansion is the introduction of two new levels of  OGA membership. Starting this month, an Individual membership for professional service providers and an Indie Collective membership for indie studios are available. While these new levels offer a truncated set of benefits from the existing Promoter and Contributor corporate enrollments, members at these levels may participate in OGA’s special interest groups, access overviews of OGA research and other resources, and receive a variety of discounts from OGA partners and industry events.

Another area of expansion is the addition of three new special interest groups or SIGs to support several segments of the industry experiencing significant growth:
·  AR/VR SIG, Cloud Gaming SIG and Software SIG. A fourth special interest Group is part of the significant expansion of the OGA’s existing support of independent developers. Already a source for tools and business/marketing best practices, the OGA now provides small studios and indie developers with a scaled membership level, a dedicated SIG, promotional and event support, discounted certifications, and access to webinars and other resources. As part of this initiative, the OGA has partnered with leading incubators to help provide guidance to its Indie members. These partners include Montreal-based  Execution Labs, Double Fine Indie Space in San Francisco, Boston’s  MassDigi and the  Washington Interactive Network in Seattle.

Source: OGA