TestBird, China’s leading app testing service, will be presenting the issues in entering the Chinese game industry during Game Connection Europe 2015 this month. The talk will briefly discuss the many challenges that western companies face when entering China for the first time. “We are very happy to be sharing our knowledge about the Chinese mobile industry and some of our working experience with over 4,000 game companies in China,” Sunny Li, Vice President of TestBird commented about her preparation for the conference. “We understand that many western companies want to reach the almost 450 million mobile gamers in China. We hope our talk will give attendees some insights about our service and how it helped bring over 10,000 games to the Chinese app market this year.”

TestBird is China’s #1 mobile game testing company due to their hundreds of phones available to developers for compatibility testing, enabling a broader ability to reach more gamers and deter bugs that would discourage retention in their game, doing so in as little as 24 hours and at a smaller cost than with conventional compatibility testing. Because of their experience with thousands of mobile games in China, they were invited to share their knowledge at that conference.

Source: Testbird