Gamania Digital Entertainment announced its official “logout” of Zhonghe headquarters and “login” to its new location in Neihu. “We chose to relocate to the tech-thriving Neihu Science Park as the community here would closely connect with our continually expanding services as a comprehensive ecological Internet business,” said Gamania Group CEO Albert Liu. “In the future, we will be compiling affiliate resources with our open and limitless working space, so that we’ll not just have a good game, but also have a good time!”

Liu’s digital empire began in 1995 as an online games content provider, and gradually developed other areas of business such as online payment, e-commerce, new media and crowdfunding, spanning across transnational markets in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and the Americas.

Always daring to be disruptively innovative, Gamania Group started as a digital entertainment content provider and further expanded its scope into a new era of digital lifestyle, including game point seller GASH, e-commerce platform Jollywiz, new media Coture and crowdfunding platform WeBackers. Gamania Group also recently soft-launched a new third-party payment service called “Gama Pay”, becoming the first-ever company in Taiwan to exclusively provide online payment services. In the first phase of the soft launch, the service opened its doors to the employees of Gamania Group, and attracted nearly 80% of the employees to download the service in only two weeks’ time. In the second phase, which will kick off after the relocation of the group’s headquarters, Gama Pay plans to ultimately provide customers with a safe and convenient online payment experience.

“It’s a very important year for us,” Liu remarked. “The soft launch of Gama Pay has kicked off, with its second phase aiming to make our services available to more businesses. Moving forward, we will continue to offer innovative services, bringing passion and life to Neihu Science Park. We also hope for opportunities to partner with other companies in the community, and through the tying of resources, work together to bring Internet technology industry in Taiwan to a new level.”

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Gamania), founded in 1995, is a major PC online game and digital entertainment corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the very first Taiwan online game brand expanding globally, now with subsidiaries publishing and developing in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

Gamania is a veteran in the digital entertainment market in Asia, who created several innovated services, including the first gaming card GASH. To reach the goal of building the biggest internet company in Taiwan, Gamania extended services to emerging trend opportunities. It launched online payment service with GASH, cross-border eCommerce with Jollywiz, streaming media with Coture and crowdfounding with Webackers.

Source: Gamania