Never underestimate the power of anime in Japan. The medium stands as one of the most popular in Japan, and fans get to experience their favorite shows in all sorts of ways. In the near future, a slew of Sword Art Online theme park rides will be added to one of the Japan’s premiere properties.

Over in Tokyo, Sega’s Joypolis will be bringing characters like Kirito and Asuna to life. Visitors will be able to enter the world of Sword Art Online thanks to a variety of virtual reality rides. Several of the park’s pre-existing rides will be retrofitted to assume the anime’s aesthetic and tell fans an original story attached to the popular franchise.

Along with the park’s new rides, several limited-edition merchandise pieces will be available for purchase as Joypolis. Of course, fans are more interested in keeping up with the new rides. The park’s Tokyo Half-Pipe will be fitted with several songs from Sword Art Online. Another attraction known as the Fortune Forest will give out special anime-themed fortunes while brands like Dippin Dots debut their own Sword Art Online goodies ahead of the franchise’s upcoming movie release.

Source: Comicbook