Switch, Nintendo’s new console, is in some days available. There are some things the Nintendo Switch isn’t able to do without a major update. That’s right: the first thing you need to do with the Nintendo Switch, after setting it up, is download an update.

What is in the update?

  • Access to network features, such as Nintendo eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images to social media, etc.
  • Ability to link Nintendo Accounts to your Nintendo Switch console
  • Ability to connect online using hotspots that require authentication, such as at a hotel or café. A web applet will open up so the user can sign-in or accept terms of use

The most notable thing is the lack of access to the eShop, Nintendo’s digital storefront. That’s the place to buy new games, digitally, and it’s also the place where Nintendo’s Virtual Console lives — the digital storefront that sells games from Nintendo’s vast back catalog of classic games (like the original “Super Mario Bros.” for instance). Nintendo has yet to say exactly how Virtual Console will work on the Switch.

Source: Businessinsider