Snail Games

Seven new Korean mobile games were unveiled by Snail Games at ChinaJoy 2015 in Shanghai China, which are designed by Korean designer and will be released in China. 4 of them are revealing games including Soul Slash Saga, The Soul, Heart Castle, as well as Dragon Village 2. And 3 of them are new projects such as Game S, Game T, Game C.

Game S will be a Diablo style 3D action RPG, combined with Chinese mythology. And Game T will be a 3D fantasy action mobile game, telling the story of the war between Orc, Elf, Alliance and Horde. Players will act as a risker to clear complex puzzles and obtain supreme power. Meanwhile, Game C will be an Anime style shooter game, the art design and the gameplay will remind you of old-school shooter game. Of course, there will be some innovate contents in the game.

Source: Snail Games