Samsung Electronics Co. and Netmarble Games, South Korea’s top mobile game developer, agreed to join forces in promoting “Lineage 2: Revolution” on the latest Galaxy S8 smartphones. “We will allow users of the Galaxy S8 to enjoy the ‘Revolution’ in the most optimized gaming environment,” an official from Netmarble said, adding the company plans to provide an opportunity for visitors to play the mobile game on the latest smartphone at major Samsung shops in Korea.

Samsung showcased the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones in late March, which come with a 5.8-inch screen and a 6.2-inch panel, respectively. Both boast double-edged Super Amoled screens that give the illusion of having no bezels. This is a departure from the Galaxy S7 smartphones that came in flat-screen or curved-edge versions.

The South Korean tech giant sought to make the Galaxy S8 series “bezel-less,” allowing the “Infinity Display” to take up 83 percent of the front of the device, providing users with a very immersive experience. The Samsung DeX, which allows users to utilize the Galaxy S8 smartphone like a regular desktop computer by connecting it to a PC, is also expected to help users better enjoy games.

Source: Korea Herald