The Casual Games Association (CGA), an international trade organization that runs the Casual Connect gaming conferences in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and beyond, has announced major changes in their typical conference lineup.

“Beginning in 2017, Casual Connect will be rotating events between regional cities regularly. We are open to suggestions for which cities our attendees would like to visit. Please email us if you would like your city to be considered in our rotation schedule,” said Casual Games Association Managing Director Jessica Tams, adding that CGA
hopes rotating conference locations regularly will provide professionals in different regions new opportunities to participate in Casual Connect.

Below are all the currently announced conferences:


  • Casual Connect Asia, Indie Prize Singapore, 16-18 May in Singapore
  • Casual Connect USA, Indie Prize Seattle, 1-3 August in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Casual Connect Kyiv, Indie Prize Kyiv, October in Kyiv, Ukraine


  • Casual Connect USA, Indie Prize California, 16-18 January at Disneyland® Hotel, Disneyland® Resort, California
  • Casual Connect Europe, Indie Prize London, 29-31 May in London, United Kingdom
  • Casual Connect Tel Aviv, Indie Prize Tel Aviv, September in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Casual Connect Asia, Indie Prize Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

Tams noted that while Casual Connect events would be rotating, its commitment to moving the games industry forward and providing developers, publishers and others with indispensable insights would remain the same. “We will continue to provide thoughtful, cutting-edge coverage on mobile and next-generation games, social casino gaming, design innovation, industry insights, market navigation, and more.”

Source: CGA