Renren Qinghua

Renren Games has announced plans to donate 10 million RMB to China’s Qinghua University to set up a joint research lab with Qinghua’s psychology department.

The new BBD (Behaviour and Big Data) lab will focus on researching psychological behaviour related to virtual communities, like those in massively-multiplayer games.

“There are many issues related to the psychological behaviours of virtual societies (in games),” Renren CEO He Chuan explained. “Renren Games already has a professional ‘big data’ team, but we’ve found that (online community issues) can’t be resolved solely through data analysis; we need to integrate psychology and sociology.”

Renren Games chief data scientist Chen Jidong added, “The BBD lab will emphasise practical application of pilot projects, rather than pure research. The results can (then) be quickly (integrated) into games and generate business value.”