Philippines-based Mobile Development Company Kuyi Mobile, in partnership with Monstronauts, announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Pocket Arcade.

“Classic interactive games inside the arcade were always memorable for me when I was
young” said Erick Garayblas, co-founder of Kuyi Mobile and lead game designer of Pocket Arcade. “Replicating these unforgettable experiences for the mobile platform was both fun and challenging for me and team since we wanted to give the players the best and closest experience to the real thing.”

Pocket Arcade includes four riveting and delightful mini-games to test players’ arcade skills and prowess:

  • Alien Whacker, a modern spin on whack-a-mole
  • Mayan Coin Pusher, requiring you to strategically drop coins to push them (and prizes)into the bin for points
  • UFO catcher, in which you control a claw to pick up different prizes
  • Hoop Hero, our very own version of shoot-that-basketball

Utilize resources and power-ups between all the mini-games, combining them into a
larger-scale arcade experience. Collect dozens of cool prizes across the four arcade games! “What’s even better is that we’ll be adding more arcade games in the future!” Garayblas revealed.

Pocket Arcade was launched globally for both Android and iOS last March 10, 2017 and is currently featured as one of the top “New and Updated Games” for Google Play, a feat that most game developers strive for. As of this writing, Pocket Arcade is currently the
number one “Arcade Game” in Spain, Germany and France and has swiftly gained over 300,000 downloads since its launch.

Kuyi Mobile is an independent game development company based in the Philippines and
focused on creating a new breed of mobile games. Our mission at Kuyi Mobile is to create fun and engaging games that people of all ages can literally enjoy! Among the other successful mobile game titles of Kuyi Mobile are, Streetfood Tycoon and Barber Hero.

Source: Kuyi