After G-Star in South Korea, the next Asian Games Industry Exhibition, Taipei Game Show 2017- B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa, will be held in 2017 on January 19 and 20 at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1.

The Pre-Registration for Trade Visitor is now available. Due to the increasing number of exhibitors, tons of awarded and new game titles will be showcased by game companies and indie teams, and thousands of worldwide buyers are expected to participate in.

According to the report by MIC, the revenue of Taiwan game market has grossed over NT$ 42 billion in 2015; and from Yahoo Game Market White Book 2016, gaming population has reached 8.13 million. The high acceptance of games ignited more sparkles in various industries, highlighting Taiwan’s irreplaceable status in the global game market. For companies seeking opportunities in new region, Taiwan is the gateway to exploring global business, especially in Asia. Currently, over 200 game companies and indie teams from 29 countries are confirmed to exhibit in “B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa”. These game developers, publishers, and game-related service providers will get together in Taiwan for the major Asian event in January from Asian, American, and European countries, such as Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, U.S., U.K., Israel, Malta, Croatia, and, etc.

In addition to worldwide gaming companies, many world-famous indie teams will showcase their awarded game titles in “Indie Game Festa” of Taipei Game Show 2017, such as SIGNO (Excellence in Storytelling Award of IMGA SEA 2016), Noxy Games (Excellence in Audio Award of IMGA SEA 2016), Pon Pon Games (Special Achievement Award of Bit Summit 2015), and Supertype (Audience Choice Award of BIC Fest 2015). These diverse games are developed by global elite teams and Taipei Game Show 2017 will feature the most exciting game IPs. “B2B Zone & Indie Game Fest” of Taipei Game Show 2017 will take place on January 19 and 20, 2017.

Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) will be hosted during the same time. Please visit the official website for related information and latest updates.

About Taipei computer association

Taiwan is at the key position in Asia-Pacific region, and is not only the bridge between North-East Asia and South-East Asia, but also the gateway to entering Asia-Pacific game industry. Nowadays, Taiwan has over 7.5 million game populations, and already reached USD 10.3 billion market value. In order to enhance industry communication and business promotion, Taipei Computer Association creates “Asia Pacific Game Summit(APGS)”as a platform to connect game industry around the world. Since 2014, Asia Pacific Game Summit contains over 100 speeches, panels, and round-table discussions in all kinds of topics such as global strategy, marketing, game narrative, eSports, Virtual Reality, community, business, etc., delivered by leading industry experts. The number of attendees accumulated to almost 4000.To help startup game developers promote products to the world, Asia Pacific Game Summit organize “Indie Game Panel”, which invites the most creative game developers all around the globe to share their experience of game development and achievement.

Taipei Game Show is the one and only game exhibition in Taiwan since 2003. It began as the first ever entertaining gaming event in Taiwan, and has expanded its scale throughout the decade, growing into 3 sectors: B2C Area, B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa and Asia Pacific Game Summit. B2C Area is like an amusement park for game enthusiasts with excitement and laughter. Its high popularity among gamers has drawn world famous companies to exhibit and bring their latest game titles to Taiwan. The business platform B2B Zone & Indie Game Festa attracts game professionals ranging from publishers, developers, operators, advertisement, and etc.