Leading retailers in the UK and North America have seen boosts to both their physical and online stores, however, it doesn’t appear to have been enough to keep up with demand in recent weeks.

The most recent update is that Toys R Us will have consoles in stock on Sunday, April 9, at all their US stores. The Toys R Us has also confirmed that fans will need to head down to the brick-and-mortar stores to grab a Nintendo Switch and that those interested should arrive before the store opens.

Nintendo Switch Amazon availability also currently lists the Neon Red/Neon Blue as being included for pre-purchase right now, with the official console page listing an “In stock on April 10, 2017,” message.

And as new restock and availability options have been provided by the Japanese games giant, they’ve appeared cautious when it comes to the supply and demand of their newest product. And a recent news update may have provided some answers to why Nintendo haven’t looked to flood retailers with mass amounts of Nintendo Switch stock.

According to a report posted in Nikkei Technology, Nintendo Switch’ currently has a high production cost. Fomalhaut, a company that specializes in tech teardowns, has estimated that the dollar cost for many a Nintendo Switch currently sits at around $257. This would go a long to explaining why the Switch price was set at a level that surprised analysts during its initial reveal, arriving as a $300 device.

Nintendo confirmed that they would not be selling their new console at a loss, but it also appears that they are not going to be swimming in profits from unit sales. Even though buying a console has been a struggle for some, it doesn’t appear to have hit UK Nintendo Switch sales in the software department.

New data has been released supporting the demand levels for games on the new device, with 137,000 Nintendo Switch games sold during March.The numbers have been supplied by MCV, who have also confirmed that the PS4 sold over 800,000 software units and the Xbox One 500,000. Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a good driver of sales on the Nintendo Switch, placing as the third best selling game in March in the UK. Other games from the debut month includes 1-2 Switch at 9th, followed by Super Bomberman R at 23rd and Just Dance 28th.

Source: Express