Nexon pledged to continue last year’s growth in the mobile games sector by focusing on the global market, publishing and the use of popular game intellectual property according to a report at Koreatimes.

Thanks to the market success of mobile games such as “Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT)” and “DomiNations,” Nexon’s mobile game business has grown 23 percent year-on-year. Its mobile games posted 399.2 billion won in sales last year.

“On the basis of diversity, Nexon is pushing for a project to reinterpret popular intellectual properties into mobile games,” Nexon Vice President Chung Sang-won said during a press conference in Seoul, Wednesday. “We consider that being the leader in the domestic market means less in terms of global competition and thus are concentrating on global publishing to perform better overseas.” The company said it plans to roll out about 20 new mobile games this year.

returners nexonOn Wednesday, Nexon unveiled a new mobile game dubbed “Returners.” The title, which the company described as the first-ever first management role-playing game (RPG), features various heroic characters from history and mythology. Users can collect and train heroes and compete with other players.

Nexon said it will test the game next month and plans to launch it through Google Play and Apple’s App Store in Korea first. Its global launch will be discussed afterwards, the company said. Nexon also said it will publish two new mobile games based on existing online computer games.

“Tales Runner Revolt” is a casual mobile game under development by Rhaon Entertainment. Nexon rolled out the original “Tales Runner” in 2005 as an online computer game and it is available in eight overseas markets including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Americas and Spain, drawing more than 38 million users.

“Dragon Nest Legend” was developed by Eydentity Studio, also based on the online computer game with the same name. The earlier version drew much attention particularly in China and has over 200 million users worldwide.

“We do not plan to focus on a particular market with Tales Runner Revolt. We will launch it globally under the one-build strategy,” said Noh Jung-hwan, head of Nexon’s mobile business division. “For Dragon Nest Legend, we will focus on the markets we can perform best. We are considering approaching the Chinese market with a copyright contract because it is different from other global markets with various concerns.”

Nexon is expected to engage in a fierce competition with Korea’s top mobile game company Netmarble Games this year, as both companies have vowed to boost their activities in the mobile sector.

Netmarble Games started the first quarter of this year more aggressively by rolling out much-hyped titles. On Wednesday, the company said it released the action mobile RPG “Knights of Night” here.

“Netmarble do launch many blockbusters,” Noh said. “But Netmarble is not the only company doing that. We are preparing for the launch of games that can achieve even greater success than HIT.”

Source: Koreatimes