Nexon unveiled that they will bring a total of 7 PC online games and 8 mobile games to G-Star 2015. To fulfil Nexon’s “Playground” theme this year, the size of 300 booths were rented, making it the company’s biggest G-Star event ever. A picture of the design work of Nexon’s “Playground” is below:

Nexon G-Star 2015

Besides Tree of Savior, I think the only notable PC online game must be Moonlight Blade Online. I’m also surprised that the highly-anticipated Peria Chronicles are not on the list. The other 5 PC games are Hyper Universe, Arpiel, Sudden Attack 2, EA Sports FIFA Online 3 and Need for Speed Edge.

And for the mobile gamers, the biggest surprise is that another MapleStory mobile game is coming soon. The description for the game says that it’s a “2D side-scrolling MMORPG”. But does it mean the development for Pocket MapleStory has stopped?

Other than games, during the G-Star 2015 preview press conference, Nexon announced it is entering the anime/ cartoon business, with Closers, Arpiel, and Elsword benefitting. If you did not know, Elsword is still going really strong in South Korea under Nexon’s publishing efforts. There will be 12 episodes, though each episode will only last 11 minutes. They are scheduled to air next year.