Nexon released financial and player metrics that demonstrate the success of the company’s strategy to develop high-quality games that sustain and grow player engagement beyond industry expectations.

DomiNations, a mobile strategy game celebrating a two year anniversary month, recently surpassed a key milestone of $100 million in revenue and more than 32 million players. The success of DomiNations affirms Nexon’s stated goal of expanding its large global consumer base with highly innovative games in Western markets.

Nexon CEO Mahoney

“Nexon games are well-established with millions of deeply engaged players in Asia,” said Owen Mahoney, President and CEO, Nexon. “The success of DomiNations in the US and Europe, is a proof point in our strategy for growing our business and engaging Western players with high quality games backed by a steady flow of new content.”

DomiNations follows in the steps of two other Nexon games, MapleStory and Dungeon&Fighter, which have both sustained growth for more than a decade. Nexon is applying the same know-how to grow games over a long time, now in the West.

“Building online experiences for multi-year sustained growth is one of the most powerful ideas in games,” Mahoney continued. “Nexon’s creative philosophy rejects the ‘pump-and-dump’ trend that defines many games today. We deeply respect players who invest thousands of hours and build lasting friendships and communities through our games.”

Source: Yahoo