Mobile developer Nexon announced the upcoming release of a new Titanfall game for Android and iOS devices. This isn’t the first time a Titanfall mobile game is announced, but it might as well be the first to actually made it to App Store and Google Play.

Back in January, Remedy Entertainment announced it has decided to cancel its Titanfall: Frontline mobile game after a few weeks of closed beta. As it happens, Nexon confirmed that it would soon start a closed beta in order to begin testing the game with a small group of players. Hopefully, the game won’t be canceled after the closed beta.

Titanfall: Assault is a PvP real-time strategy game that allows players to deploy Pilots and Titans in fast-paced, smooth battles. Although you’ll be seeing your Pilots and Titans on various maps, Titanfall: Assault is actually a card game.

The game is being developed by a trio of companies consisting of Remedy Entertainment, Nexon and Particle City.

Source: Phonoarena