Tokyo-based Nexon has acquired the publishing rights for Kunlun’s Top Mobile Game Elsword in Japan. Nexon said it will announce the launch date in the Japanese market later. The deal shows how a game created in China has potential in Japan, rather than the other way around. Japan is one of the most competitive mobile game markets in the world.

The side-scrolling RPG was developed by Chiense developer Kunlun for PC before porting the title to mobile for the China market in January 2016. The developer then launched the game globally in May 2016, except for Japan, and in South Korea in January 2017. Elsword Mobile is said to have reached ninth spot in China’s top-grossing App Store rankings and second spot in the top grossing Google Play chart in Taiwan.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Kunlun’s development team, which has developed successful titles for users across the globe,” said Kihan Kim, Nexon’s Mobile Business Division Manager. “Elsword is a popular title in Japan, and we hope this mobile title to contribute to the further expansion of Nexon’s mobile game pipeline. We will continue to deliver engaging game to users that would meet their expectation.”