South Korean Netmarble Games today announced that Disney Magical Dice is now available for pre-registration in the U.S. Mickey and his friends invite fans of Disney characters and board games to the wonderful world of Disney and Pixar.

Fans can play as their favorite Disney characters and travel through a virtual board game, encountering different maps and acquiring and building structures, as well as Disney-themed landmarks, while playing with or against their friends.

Disney-Magical-Dice-Title-ImageGlobal-696x522With Disney Magical Dice’s dice control system, players can use fun strategy methods to win a variety of games. Complete with fast and accessible contents, Disney-themed scenarios, and PvE and PvP modes. Friend invites can be made simply through Facebook or over the Bluetooth network.

“We’re excited to announce pre-registration for Netmarble’s fan-friendly strategy game, Disney Magical Dice. The game’s scenic play environments and iconic characters, like Elsa from Frozen, Snow White, Captain Hook, Maleficent, and Buzz Lightyear, and are sure to delight fans,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer, Netmarble Games. “We look forward to sharing Disney Magical Dice with the many Disney and Netmarble fans around the world.”

Disney Magical Dice is available for pre-registration at the registration website until the game’s launch. Netmarble fans that pre-register for Disney Magical Dice will receive 50 diamonds, 20,000 gold pieces, and 20 hearts, as in-game benefits. These special pre-registration gifts will appear in players’ inboxes within seven days of the official launch of the game. Additionally, fans can “dress-up” as their favorite Disney character and receive the chance to try more costumes when players post their Disney Magical Dice costumes on Facebook up to twice a day.

Source: Netmarble