Blizzard released Overwatch in May last year. Now, players have thought a lot of ways to cheat in this highly praised game. As a result, Blizzard banned over ten thousand players from the game.

Overwatch cheaters playing in the PC have discovered a way of cheating they call ‘nuking‘. It is a form of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which is an attempt to make the online game become unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from different sources. It sends huge amounts of packets to the opponent’s IP. This immensely slows the matches and puts the players to a time where they cannot report the disturbance because of the slowness and even get disconnected to the server. Even if only one person’s IP is targeted and slowed down, everybody in the multiplayer group become affected.

In an interview with Kotaku, Blizzard tells that “they view “nuking” or DDoS attacks the same way we view any other form of hacking or cheating”. They said that they are “committed to ensuring the Overwatch multiplayer experience is as fair and fun as possible, and we are currently taking action against those who use these tactics to create an unfair latency advantage. We are also constantly working to improve our anti-hack and anti-cheat methods. New updates will be put in place soon which should help prevent hacks like this in the future.”

Over in South Korea, after “nuking” was discovered, Blizzard Korea has banned over 10,000 Overwatch players for cheating using “nuking” and aimbots which give different levels of automated target acquisition to the player. The game has over 20 million players so 10,000 will not affect the general community. There are plenty of internet cafes in South Korea so they worry about this issue widely. Blizzard has even perpetually locked out a number of 1,500 players in China. Blizzard plans to overcome all the hacks and cheats that are taking place in their game. That is why they continue to be strict in implementing their own anti-cheat sheet.

Source: Blizzard, Videogamesrepublic