The Singaporean mobile and web indie studio Axial Brain is preparing for December to launch its new action packed puzzle game “Monster Treasure Adventure” on the Google Play and iOS App store. Monster Treasure Adventureis not your normal casual puzzle game – it wraps lightweight adventure and RPG mechanics to a speed based puzzle core game. Designed around short intense play sessions, Monster Treasure Adventure will give you that burst of digital adrenaline when you only have minutes to spare.

Axial BrainThe goal of Axial Brain is to create a game for players already familiar with the puzzle-matching genre and want to take it up a notch. Fast-paced matching to solve puzzles will truly test your perception, dexterity and skill. The introduction of meta-game features like character progression and adventuring deliver a more engaging and in-depth experience to the addictive core mechanics.  The game is designed around very short session times when you just want to have a quick challenge. While choosing a character with the right skill for the puzzle is key to beating the game, the time-based puzzles elevate the intensity and really get your adrenaline pumping. When you finally pass a seemingly impossible challenge and get that rush of satisfaction – that’s what we want to hit.


The timer bar is rapidly burning down towards oblivion and you are frantically working out how to hit the next series of matches. There are still an army of monsters staring you down and more than a handful of blue blocks to collect. Better speed up or lose out. Grreeaatt – the hero’s skill power up has just dropped, you tap it and a whole region of blocks erupt into pixel dust. With just a few seconds to spare the goals are complete! Well done you have just passed another stage!

Source: Axial Brain