Consumers are spending big on mobile games in Southeast Asia, where people’s high levels of engagement and the apps’ increasing popularity with younger gamers is leading to expanding revenues for game companies.

A 2016 forecast report from GMGC & Newzoo Mobile Games Whitebook 2017 highlights the rapid growth of revenues earned by mobile game companies in the region. Between 2015 and 2019, Newzoo predicts mobile game makers in most countries in the region will see revenues increase by a compound annual growth rate of 30% or more.

Some Southeast Asia markets will do even better, with mobile game companies in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines expected to see annual revenue growth of 50% or more. Mobile game revenues in more developed markets like Singapore are expected to grow by more than 8% per year through 2019.

Young mobile phone users are a major reason for the rapid rise in revenues in the region, according to market research firm Newzoo. A look at gamer share by age in select Southeast Asia countries shows that gamers between the ages of 10 and 35 made up the biggest proportion of players. In Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, gamers in this age segment made up 50% or more of all mobile gamers.

Another important factor driving mobile game spending in Southeast Asia is how often people play.

Gamers in the region often play smartphone gaming apps on daily, providing game makers plenty of opportunities to cross-promote new titles and upsell existing customers on new game features. According to a March 2016 study by W&S Group, more than half of smartphone gamers in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam played gaming apps on a daily basis.

Source: eMarketer