In 2016 the Chinese Mobile Game Entrepreneur Alliance (MGEA) will co-organize with Howell International (ChinaJoy) again the Mobile Game Industry Summit (MGAS) and the 10th Golden Plume Award.

Coupled with World Mobile Game Conference & Expo (WMGC), the events will fully represent the commitment of MGEA to making full use of resources, serving the mobile game industry and promoting the healthy development of the mobile game industry at home and abroad.

The international mobile game industry platform, the World Mobile Game Conference and Expo (WMGC) follows the trends of the global mobile Internet development and meets the new demand of the rapidly growing mobile game industry in the world. WMGC provides comprehensive business services for global mobile game companies, including branding, import and export trade, copyright cooperation, new products promotion, technology alliance and joint research and development, and online invitation for business negotiation.

The mobile game industry summit, MGAS is rooted in China and targets the whole world, aiming to build a communications platform for both global and Chinese mobile game industry players and well-known enterprises to share successful experiences and future trends of the game industry.

Founded in 2005, the Golden Plume Award, with game player voters in China selecting the best games, has been highly valued by the game players and regarded as “Oscar” in the game industry. The Golden Plume Award represents the industry ecology and covers 21 awards in five categories namely Internet Game, Browser Game, Mobile Game, Console Game and Game Media. And based on the quality of products and market feedback, the Golden Plume Award has witnessed the development of China’s game industry in recent years. Presented by Howell International, the owner of ChinaJoy, and co-organized MGEA, and supported by 1 Games, the Golden Plume Awards has awarded numerous extraordinary game companies and products in the past 9 years based on in-depth.

This year MGEA will gather elites and industry players to exchange ideas on profound topics. Meanwhile, the White Paper on Global Mobile Game Industry 2015 will be released to deeply analyze the strategic planning of the global mobile game industry from the perspective of industry data and structure. The White Paper on Global Mobile Game Industry 2015 interprets the structure and phased changes of China mobile game industry and offers prospective data and authoritive analysis for the strategic patterns, structure transformation and optimization of resource configuration of the global mobile game industry.

The First Reception Room interviews famous players like giants, opinion leaders and celebrities of the digital interactive entertainment industry. Meanwhile, the First Reception Room will also invite guests to share experiences during the past year at MGAS, so as to provide more prospective insights for the game industry.

Source: MGEA