Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) will play host to a number of unique and surprising VR activations. MIGW and Australian Centre For Moving Image (ACMI) have partnered with HTC and NVIDIA to exhibit the latest HTC Vive during Game Changer: ACMI VR Festival.

The free public virtual reality event turns ACMI into a VR playground for MIGW, as consumers are able to scale the peaks of Mount Everest, swim alongside giant blue whales or float across the surface of the International Space Station on the system.

Katrina Sedgwick, ACMI Director & CEO said, “ACMI is thrilled to be partnering with HTC and NVIDIA for Melbourne International Games Week to present Game Changer: ACMI VR Festival. VR is no longer a future technology – it is here – and being harnessed as a dynamic platform, across the creative industries and beyond. Proudly exhibiting the latest HTC Vive technology, we’re giving everyone a chance to immerse themselves in the unique and surprising experiences virtual reality can deliver audiences.”

“Our Games: A Family Affair event, also generously supported by HTC and NVIDIA, invites you to bring the whole family to ACMI for a day of free gameplay and VR experiences that can be shared by adults and kids alike.”

Raymond Pao, HTC Vice President for VR (APAC) added, “HTC is delighted to showcase Vive, the most advanced VR system in the market, at both MIGW and PAX. Vive is dedicated to providing users with leading innovations to immerse themselves in world of VR. We are very happy to demonstrate Virtual Reality’s practical application capabilities by collaborating with a variety of industries and content developers in Australia.”

The new events and experiences at MIGW are designed to bring the latest technology to the public at every age, positioning Australia as a leader in collaboration between games and emerging tech industries. The partnership between MIGW, ACMI and HTC with NVIDIA signifies a leap forward in the collaboration between games and serious industries, including health, education and training, with each field building towards a mutually beneficial future for Virtual Reality.

With a number of events across the week showcasing Virtual Reality technology, including Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, MIGW provides unprecedented access to emerging tech for the Australian general public.

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PAX Australia, happening on November 4-6, as part of MIGW, recently announced The VR Freeplay Area, sponsored by Harvey Norman Games Hub, providing game enthusiasts yet another opportunity to go hands-on with emergent technology. An area dedicated to the latest virtual reality system, with Vive playable areas that include green screen VR setups and Omni treadmills, as well as Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

Source MCV