Russian internet company Group plans to collaborate with Chinese entities to secure favourable conditions for expanding the Russian game market in China, and for attracting Western and Asian partners in order to establish a global union in the gaming industry. The company plans to cooperate with local partners on all levels, from developers to public institutions.

According to Newzoo, the Chinese games market is the largest in the world: in 2015, it reached USD 22.2 billion, with 29 percent of revenues attributed to mobile games. There are more than 440 million gamers in China, and 35 percent of them use paid services. The average annual spending of a user for paid services totals about USD 141.38.

Mail.Ru Group’s game department claims the leadership in the Eastern European online entertainment market. It is the developer of mobile and online games, including popular Chinese projects. These include Perfect World – a Chinese MMO throughout the world, and a new online project called Revelation created by the largest Chinese game developer, NetEase. The cost of Revelation’s development totaled more than USD 61.5 million. The project is slated for debut in Russia after being widely acclaimed on the Chinese market.