Locojoy Games, one of the top mobile game developers and publishers in China, announced it is partnering with U.S.-based Narvalous to bring its triple-A quality games to the North American market and to help U.S. game developers bring their games to China.

In announcing the partnership, Locojoy/Narvalous said it is releasing three new games in Q2, including Dragon Raja, the mobile version of a popular Korean novel and video game, Dungeons, an innovative and thrilling text-based RPG, and Chrono Legends, a beautiful action card RPG. Locojoy/Narvalous also said they have a strong pipeline of games and will be making additional announcements throughout the year.

“The core of Locojoy publishing is to bring players high quality games,” said Shanhu Xing (a.k.a., Master Unspoken), founder and CEO of Locojoy China, and a well-known game industry thought leader and popular novelist among young internet readers. “Our goal is to provide players different types of games to satisfy their needs. Locojoy has grown into a 700-people team, with 500 in game development. Development and publishing are our cornerstones.”

“Locojoy is one of the most renowned and respected industry leaders in China,” said Tong Xu, co-founder and CEO of Narvalous and CEO of the Locojoy U.S. company. “Partnering with Locojoy allows us to secure access to the highest quality games in China from Locojoy’s own studios and those studios in which they invest. Our team specialises in localizing gameplay to appeal to western players and our scalable game portal publishing platform will greatly increase the success rate of our upcoming games.” Ms. Xu will oversee the U.S. Locojoy company, which will be based in Palo Alto, CA.

Source: Locojoy