Keywords Studios announced recently it has acquired Philippines-based Ankama Pte Ltd for an undisclosed sum. Keywords said Ankama’s sole asset is a business in Manila which provides services to support games made by Ankama SAS, such as Dofus, Wakfu and Tactile Wars.

Under the deal, Ankama’s live operations team in the Philippines will be transferred to Keywords, which plans to signficantly expand the Manila studio as a base for Asian expansion.

“This mutually beneficial outsourcing arrangement with one of our established clients enables Ankama to benefit from the support of a trusted and efficient partner, while it gives Keywords a platform from which it can grow its presence in Asia with the benefit of the certainty of a four-year contract,” said Keywords Chief Executive Andrew Day.

Keywords is a technical service provider to the global Video Game Industry. Keywords Studios was founded in June 1998. Keywords Studios’s Headquarters are located at South County Business Park, Leopardstown, , IE. Some of Keywords Studios’s latest acquisitions include Mindwalk Studios, Ankama and Liquid Development, LLC.

Source: Morningstar