JP Mobile Gamers

Smartphone gamers in Japan can’t seem to get enough of their favorite mobile gaming apps. Their daily gaming habit is helping push monthly spending, and revenues for the country’s gaming companies, to new heights. According to a January 2016 survey by Mobile Marketing Data Lab Japan on the frequency with which smartphone gamers in Japan play mobile games, 92% of respondents reported they played every day.

For mobile game makers, this daily habit translates not just into high engagement, but also strong spending on mobile gaming content. The same Mobile Marketing Data Lab survey found that among smartphone gamers who pay for games, more than 17% spent between 5,000 and 10,000 JPY ($43 to $87) per month on mobile gaming content.

The daily time spent and monthly spending translates into strong mobile game revenues for Japanese companies. According to a December 2015 study by Newzoo of the top 10 countries ranked by mobile game revenues, Japan was second, with more than $6 billion in annual revenue and accounting for more than 20% of the total world market.

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