DeNA China

DeNA’s Wang Yong, the Japanese social gaming platform’s CEO in China, stated at a ChinaJoy press gathering that the company continues to bear pressure in the Chinese market and from domestic channels, with “investment” a must.

DeNA’s Japanese competitor GREE recently pulled out of the China, with localisation issues considered to be main force behind their retreat. Having encountered similar challenges, DeNA China is moving from dependence on licensed games towards increased in-house development, and plans to roll out a succession of the firm’s own mobile titles over the coming months.

Compared to last year’s bottleneck period, according to CEO Wang Yong, the company’s investment in China has also increased rapidly. “This year is pressured, but also very exciting,” said Wang.

DeNA Group’s third quarter revenues were more than US$30 million overseas, Wang also announced, with the company optimistic about prospects for Chinese mobile market.

DeNA entered China in 2011 with their Mobage mobile gaming platform, and now operate more than 100 games, covering more than 90 per cent of the smartphone channels in China. At this year’s ChinaJoy the company is featuring titles Blood Brothers, Transformers Legends, Attack of the Ninja and NBA Dream Team, among others.