Toge Productions, an Indonesian indie game developer studio, announced that the studio has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC), the investment arm of China-based game company Zhexin IT Co.

Image result for Toge ProductionsSince 2009, Toge Production is creating games across multiple genres, from web games to mobile games to desktop games. Toge is an Indonesian word that means “bean sprout”. Toge Productions believes that great accomplishments can start from small & simple beginnings, just like bean sprouts.

The early-stage funding will be used to accelerate growth, and help in bringing “high-quality games from Indonesia to the global market”, according to Toge’s management team. “Investment from DNC is not only limited to money but also includes another strategic aspect namely network connection to the international games industry,” said CEO of Toge, Kris Antoni, in a p

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