Moving forward in the current trend, it is estimated that India will surpass the US to become the world’s second largest smartphone market this year. The global mobile market report from Newzoo states that only 16% of the Indian population is using smartphones. This figure is growing at a faster pace as the low-tier Indian cities are also evolving in terms of smartphone usage.

IDC reports that India will spearhead the next phase in the growth for smartphone market. The availability of cheaper smartphones has paved its way to the growth of the mobile app industry. The online retail market in India was hyped up by the Indian Mobile App industry until now.At present, the Indian mobile app industry is the 5th largest in the world by the Nasscom-AppAnnie report. This remains imperative as mobile games are now the driving force of the Indian mobile app industry.

The report predicts that with the current growth trends, India will surpass China to be the second largest country by game downloads. The Indian gaming market was moving on a slow track due to the limited access to gaming consoles and PC. The outbreak of affordable smartphone has helped the Indian mobile gaming industry to boom. The mobile game downloads in India have more than doubled between 2014 and 2016.
Traditional Card Games Come into Picture

The major driving force of the Indian mobile game market is Indian-centric games. The people who spend time playing social card games in mobile devices increased by 120% between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016. Teen Patti and rummy are the two main sources of revenue of the Indian mobile gaming industry. Games like Indian rummy, made for the Indian audience are able to make the charts trending. This is a massive opportunity for the foreign game development companies to venture into the Indian mobile app industry.

According to the Nasscom-AppAnnie report, social card games tend to have more monetization capabilities while comparing it to other casual and action games. This is because of the fact that games like Rummy and Teen Patti havecultural and traditional significance in India. These games help the players to fill the generation gap and they can enjoy the card games their predecessors used to play. The love for card games in India is evident from the stats. There are many online rummy websites in India which offer top quality gaming services. They also offer a mobile app version of the game which players can download on their smartphones and start playing.

There are many global game development companies who are closely monitoring the Indian mobile game market to make a move. Being the country which has one of the largest English-speaking youth population in the world, India is all set to become one of the biggest economies in the world. The future of the Indian mobile app industry in good hands and it is expected to evolve to a very large market in the coming years.

Source: Mid-Day