Leading the creation of a market for life simulation mobile games in India, Bengaluru-based Moonfrog Labs recently announced the launch of Alia Bhatt: Star Life.

“Life simulation games are all the rage globally, however, the trend hasn’t picked up in India. As a category, it is under-represented and by creating local content, the gaming audience gets a chance to familiarise itself with the concept. While it may be experimental right now, our effort is driven by data,” said Mark Skaggs, Director, Moonfrog Labs. Best known for his work creating online gaming sensations FarmVille and CityVille for Zynga, Skaggs joined Moonfrog Labs last year.

On the company’s strategy with respect to development and launches, he said that it will continue to take different mobile game categories and create India-specific content.

While the Alia Bhatt game remains the company’s current focus, it is also developing the Star Life engine upon which, it plans to build more iterations going forward. “For any game, the launch is only the first step. We will keep introducing more content, storylines and interactions to keep the user engaged,” Skaggs said, adding, “Monetisation will happen through in-app purchases. But as of now, we are focusing on growth more than revenues.”

The gaming community in India is not fully recognized. White spaces exist by way of lack of relevant games for active and willing gamers. “The opportunity in India is vast especially with smartphone penetration increasing by the day. We want to leverage that,” he said, indicating that the company is soon to launch its magnum opus, which is expected to be a take on a chapter from the country’s most preferred entertainment industry — films.

Source: deccanherald.com