Gree has released about 30 percent of its staff at its Western subsidiary in San Francisco, Gree International. That’s one of the consequences of the Japanese company failing to win the mobile gaming war, where the market size is expected to hit $30 billion this year but competition is always brutal. It is a part of the ongoing restructuring, despite showing quarterly sales growth in February. The first time the company has managed to do so in four years. Gree has indicated that the office will be primarily functioning as a marketing and post-launch support office after its restructuring.

In a statement regarding the layoffs that took place yesterday, Gree’s CEO Andrew Sheppard said: “Today, Gree International Entertainment announced that the company is restructuring its San Francisco office, which includes a reduction in workforce. This reduction is due largely to the fact that we, like many other companies in the mobile games space, are expanding our development efforts in international markets. These are challenging times and it’s always hard to say goodbye to such great people who have helped make Gree an amazing place to work. We thank everyone affected for their hard work and wish them nothing but the best of luck in their future endeavors.”