One of the first mobile RPG franchises in history achieves a new milestone. Gamevil announces that the Zenonia series has been downloaded over 60 million times worldwide since launching in 2008. Praised for its story, gameplay, character designs and visuals, Zenonia has won the hearts and minds of gamers since first gracing App Store and Google Play and has become one of the clearest examples of console-level gaming on a mobile platform. The franchise remains one of Gamevil’s defining legacies in the history of smartphone gaming and the latest entry, Zenonia S: Rifts in Time, remains in the top ten revenue rankings for multiple countries.

The Zenonia series has enjoyed both critical and financial acclaim since its inception. Zenonia 2: Lost Memories was the first Korean-made mobile game to hit #1 in revenue ranking on the U.S App Store. Currently, Zenonia S appears in the top ten revenue charts for Costa Rica, Albania and ten other countries. The Zenonia series overall, particularly Zenonia, Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories, Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story and Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend, has received positive feedback from well-known gaming publications and the community. Positive aspects commonly mentioned are the well-written story, quality graphics, and enjoyable vintage gameplay.

Each entry in the Zenonia series has strived to improve upon the last while maintaining the distinct identity of the Zenonia universe. Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story was the first to feature asynchronous co-op play and an asynchronous PVP arena. Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend brought the series into HD with top-notch anime-style graphics while also being completely free to download and play. The latest title, Zenonia S, is fully online and features many MMORPG components including social functions.

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With deep industry and regional knowledge, GAMEVIL has been able to craft numerous award winners through a diverse portfolio of games. Backed by unparalleled expertise in mobile, GAMEVIL continues to lead the sector with a commitment to establishing mobile gaming as a way of life.

Source: Gamevil