Games2win has announced its upcoming launch of “Driving Academy India”, an immersive mobile game that teaches young Indians how to drive safely. The mobile game simulates a real-life on-the-road driving like experience where users can practice their driving skills.

“There is a lack of education among young drivers about road safety and this is a problem Games2win is attempting to solve via its unique game “Driving Academy India,” said Alok Kejriits– CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win, one of India’s largest mobile gaming publishers. The company Games2win India Pvt. Ltd. was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal and Mahesh Khambadkone. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

In Driving Academy India, the players learn and practice car driving while clearing fifty classic road signs. Most of these road signs are never understood by drivers and Driving Academy India attempts to ‘gamify’ this important subject while keeping it fun!

Players are confronted with typical Indian signs such as Stop, No Overtaking, Railway Crossing, Pedestrian alert, etc. and obeying these signs helps players to clear game levels. As a reward, players earn coins that they can splurge on the choicest of Cars – Indian and Foreign brands included.

“We timed this game to coincide with the 2016 Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill that has been recently cleared by the Cabinet and promises to impose harsh penalties on rash driving,” he added.

India is the road death capital of the world. Over 400 people die everyday on India roads and almost all these deaths happen due to driver negligence. According to National Crime Records Bureau, 148,000 people died in 2015 due to road accidents in India, and this has grown by 9% over 2011 – in mere fours years.

“Our approach is to educate and make young people safe drivers via mobile gaming even before they get behind the wheels of a real car. India is the largest market for Mobile Games and with 70% of the Indian Population under the age of 25, we believe this game is perfect for immediate launch,” added Kejriwal.

Source: teleanalysis