Korean games company Nexon, now headquartered in Japan, has invested in Cambridge (England) startup PlayFusion. Neither party is revealing any figures for the Cambridge and California tech tyro’s preferred shares Series A round, which Nexon Korea Corporation led.

The business, founded by former Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, says it has developed “a revolutionary omnimedia platform of proprietary next generation interactive entertainment technologies.”  The FusionCore, a powerful IoT mini-computer, enables two-way interactions between physical products and the PlayFusion platform.

The FusionCore has built-in ‘over-the-air’ update capability which allows the platform software to be forward compatible. The first products to feature the FusionCore will be smart action figures manufactured by Tomy as part of PlayFusion’s upcoming free mobile and tablet game Lightseekers. ImageFuse, described by PlayFusion as “a lightning fast and robust image recognition technology,” provides the next generation of augmented reality entertainment.

The first products to uutilizeImageFuse will be the Lightseekers physical trading cards and upcoming interactive comic books. AudioFuse, a noise tolerant audio recognition software, identifies any audio signature irrespective of high ambient noise or other interference. The first application of AudioFuse will be the upcoming Lightseekers online video content series coming to YouTube later this year.

DataFuse, integrated telemetry from all aspects of the PlayFusion platform, powers dynamic consumer content, informs and guides statistically relevant consumer insights, and provides a next level business intelligence advantage.

Gerhard, who is CEO and co-founder of PlayFusion, said: “PlayFusion is truly honoured to be working with Nexon, a globally respected online game powerhouse who sees the value and potential of our transmedia entertainment platform. “We continue to work together with our partners to drive deeper consumer engagement by seamlessly connecting many traditionally disparate industries such as film and television, publishing, toys and games, and consumer products. Together, we’ll create the future of connected interactive entertainment.”

PlayFusion’s proprietary technology platform uniquely fuses video games, robotics, toys, and transmedia entertainment for game developers, toy manufacturers, and other content and brand owners.

Source: businessweekly