GameFounders is a global game accelerator that helps studios enhance their game development and business skills. Each program lasts three months, and offers selected teams access to resources and networks, guidance from industry experts, playtesting sessions, pitch practices, and even trips around the world to gaming events and successful game studios.

A Filipino game development studio is one of the nine teams that have been accepted into GameFounders Spring 2017, an international program that will focus on cultivating talent by providing financial support, mentorship, and a host of other benefits.
Philippine-based Moocho Brain Interactive Designs joined the GameFounders Spring 2017 program on January 9. By month’s end, the studio had signed the incorporation papers – allowing GameFounders to invest PHP 1.2 million for 9% equity of the studio.

In the GameFounders Spring 2017 program, Moocho Brain joins teams from Asia, Europe, and South America. They are:

AmmoboxStudios is from Malaysia. Headed by Jeremy Choo, the studio is using the Unreal engine to build “Eximus,” a first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid. The game allows players to alternate between fighting enemies up close and personal as a ground trooper, and taking command of an entire military force as a general. “Eximus” has already been Greenlit on Steam.

Weyrdworks from Malaysia is led by Shawn Beck and JT Yean, who have been creating games for various platforms for the past half-decade. The studio has garnered several honors, such as a spot in the App Store’s Best of 2016. Its RPG/tower defense hybrid, “Warpods,” has you confronting hostile absurdities from space.

Kaigan Games from Malaysia is composed of Jeremy Ooi, Shahrizar Roslan, Thean Eu, and Shahazmi Roslan. Its game “Sara is Missing” won Best Upcoming Game and Jury’s Honorable Mention at the International Mobile Gaming Awards Southeast Asia. In it, players must examine Sara’s mobile phone to unravel the mystery of her disappearance. Through this experience, the studio hopes to open people’s eyes to the dangers of mobile technology.

Monkey’s Fingers is an Italian studio comprised of Alessandro Martire and Carmine Gissi. Its goal is to push the limits of mobile devices by creating mobile titles boasting next-gen graphics. Its first game, “Last Lie,” combines the stealth and third-person shooter genres. It is already available on Google Play, where it has been downloaded 200,000 times.

Far Mills is a nine-year-old company consisting of Ukrainians Alex Gnomov, Alex Siebov, and Viktor Zaharchenko. Its specialty is family games, especially those of the interactive story variety. Presently, it is developing a 2D point-and-click title dubbed “The Last Touch.” It tells the story of Anna, a magical girl who must explore fantastical worlds in her search for her missing cat.

Wulf Games is a Colombian team made up of Juan David Varon, Luis Estrada Florez, and Daniel Jojoa Burgos. Its survival game, “Whispers, No Time To Pray,” puts you in the shoes of a mercenary tasked with rescuing a team of archaeologists from a jungle teeming with creatures ripped straight out of Latin American mythology.

Skullfish Studios is a Brazilian team helmed by Rafael Ferrari and Gabriela Thobias. Its expertise is virtual reality technology. Its current project is a VR dungeon crawler called “Lila’s Tale,” in which the player guides a young girl through a series of puzzles. Unlike most VR experiences, “Lila’s Tale” employs a third-person perspective, which minimizes motion sickness.

Umbu Games is a Brazilian group headed by João Victor and Fabricio Pietsch. It is working on a puzzle game called “Death’s Life,” in which you assume the role of Death’s apprentice. It tasks you with terminating mortal lives by using chain reactions – and ensuring each death looks nothing more than an unfortunate accident.

Source: Gamefounders, Gmanetwork