Game On is the first major international touring exhibition to explore the vibrant history and culture of computer games. Focusing on key game developments between 1962 and the present day, it takes a global perspective at gaming’s fascinating past and limitless future.

This special exhibition provides an overview of the evolution of computer games, which have been advancing along with information technology, such as computers and the Internet, changing entertainment across the globe.

game onThe Miraikan, also known as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, is bringing the exhibition to Tokyo from the beginning of March through May. The focus topic will be “Why are videogames so interesting?” Miraikan wants visitors to think about the social and cultural impact of computer games, especially as they are becoming ever more integrated into our world and our future.

Visitors to the Tokyo exhibit will be able to sample over 120 masterpieces from the history of video games. The video from The Japan Times shows Pong, Computer Space, Missile Command, Marble Madness, Doom and Animal Crossing. There is also a special version of a classic: Space Invaders Taitan, which was designed by Roger Dean, who worked on album covers for the English rock band Yes. Various titles from the early days of gaming to the present will be grouped into eight stages that show the evolution of gaming technology. This will include console, PC, and mobile games. There will also be opportunities to sample virtual reality games, particularly PlayStation VR.

Source: Digitaltrends, GameOn