G-Star, the Korea’s largest international game show, will expand the presence of mobile games at its exhibition, the event’s organizing committee said yesterday. The move came amid the dwindling popularity of personal computer-based online games, negatively affecting the growth of the global game show’s scale. “G-Star has focused on online games and has showcased new blockbuster titles scheduled to be released. But in recent years, mobile games have become the mainstream of the domestic game market, replacing online games,” G-Star Organizing Committee head Martin Choi said during a press conference in Seoul, yesterday. “Consequently, the number of game companies developing such blockbuster online titles has also decreased. This means we have fewer companies and big-name online games featured in the show.”

GStar 2014According to the organizers committee, 96 game companies have signed up for the business-to-consumer (B2C) exhibition while 485 companies from 25 countries have said they will run business-to-business (B2B) booths at this year’s show. The B2C exhibitions will include companies like Nexon, NCSOFT, Sony Computer Entertainment and Four Thirty Three. Global publishers, like the Chinese game giant Tencent, as well as seven countries, including Britain, Canada, Spain and Taiwan, will join in the B2B exhibition. The number of participating companies, however, has decreased from last year’s 617 coming from 35 countries, putting a brake on the growth of the game show.

“Mobile game companies have been reluctant to join G-Star as they have a different game lifespan and development environment,” Choi said. “But we understand they many of them are willing to tap into the show as a marketing opportunity. We are working with the Korea Internet Digital Entertainment Association and the hosting Busan city over how to smoothly change our mode to embrace mobile games.” The game show also hopes to diversify the entertainment content of the game show with indie game exhibitions and eSports competitions.

“This year in particular, we are trying to boost the presence of indie games as we have recently held an indie game festival in Busan for the first time in Asia and attracted Busan for the first time in Asia and attracted many mobile games there. We expect to see more because we are planning to build a special corner dedicated for indie titles,” G-Star Executive Chairman Seo Tae-geon said. “The eSports are also expanding from personal computer-based competitions to more diverse mobile devices both at home and abroad. We expect that mobile to be stressed further as a key platform for the game competition at G-Star.”


The organizer said this year’s event will be held from Nov. 12-15 at the BEXCO exhibition center in Busan. The 2015 Korea Game Awards ceremony will be held on Nov. 11 on the sidelines. It said local mobile game company Four Thirty Three will sponsor the event.

The organizer also said it has established a partnership with U.S. video game streaming service Twitch, which has attracted a $1 billion investment from Amazon, to broadcast the event globally.

Source: Korea Times

Source: G-Star