James Cook University is proud to collaborate with the Classic Tetris World Championship, USA (CTWC) to hold in Singapore the first Classic Tetris Singapore Championship on May 28. Supported by the Singapore Cyber Sports and Online Gaming Association, this event is opened to all tetris enthusiasts regardless of their level of expertise.

A tile matching puzzle game which involves intelligence and the agility of the fingers, this championship aims to gather all Tetris enthusiast together and serves as a platform for them to compete. Top prizes to be given away include cash, mobile virtual reality headset, movie card and a limited Snoopy stamp collection set all sponsored generously by VostokVR, Charlie Brown Café and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).


The Nintendo NES console, the first cartridge based video game console made by Nintendo, will be used in this competition. The competition will start with a qualifying round. The highest score will be recorded. All participants are required to start at level 9.

Ms Ou Yanfang, Chair of the Classic Tetris Singapore Championship organising committee said this event will bring back prove popular to those who grow up playing hand-held tetris games before the days of smartphones and mobile apps.


roberto dillon
Roberto Dillon

This event is organized by a group of students from James Cook University (JCU) doing Conference and Events Management. They are supervised by Associate Professor Roberto Dillon – who is the curator of South East Asia’s first permanent Museum of Video and Computer Games and Dr Jenny Panchal – who is a Tourism and Hospitality lecturer at JCU.  James Cook University is the first private institution that receives the EduTrust Star award from the Council of Private Education (CPE).

Source: James Cook University