Korean Com2uS released second quarter sales results today of 20.3 billion KRW, with a record of 2 billion KRW in operating profits, up 69.1 per cent year on year.

In Korea, the company’s games for Kakao including War Heroes, Tiny Fang and Little Legends performed solidly, but increasing domestic competition saw second quarter overseas earnings rise to 34 per cent of total sales, compared to 21 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

An analyst from Samsung Securities Institute commented, “With Line, Facebook, etc., (Com2uS) can make good use of global mobile platforms to develop their games.”

A Com2uS spokesperson noted that global versions of Tiny Pop and War Heroes have recently been released, and that the company’s mobile game platform Com2uS Hub 2.0 will also be integrated with overseas social networking platforms like Facebook soon.