Honor of Kings, a role­playing game for smartphones from Tencent, has attracted more than 50 million active daily users since the beginning of the year, after adding 5 million a month since it was launched by internet company Tencent

Although the game is almost unknown outside of China, Honor of Kings, which sees players
battle mythical beasts in a fantasy landscape now have an army of players roughly equal to the total population of South Korea. The rise of the dragon­battling game underlines the transition in Chinese gaming away from PCs towards mobile and the continued reliance of top Chinese titles on imported designs. Honor of Kings is essentially a mobile version of the world’s most played game, League of Legends, which was created by US developer Riot Games.

 Strike of Kings:5v5 Arena Game- screenshot Also known as Kings of Glory, Honor of Kings was responsible for much of Tencent’s
reported 87 percent jump in revenue from mobile games in the third quarter of 2016, which contributed to a 43 percent rise in net profits from a year earlier. About half of Tencent’s total revenues comes from its games business making it the world’s biggest games company by revenue. The Chinese title’s growth was driven in part by promotion on Tencent’s social media platforms WeChat and QQ, which have hundreds of millions of users in the country.

The Way West

Now the mobile MOBA Honor of Kings is finally making its way West under the new name of Strike of Kings. The game is currently available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. It appears to remain unchanged from its China release, featuring up to 5v5 PvP battles across three lanes.

To appeal to a Western audience, Tencent has partnered with DC Comics to bring in superheroes to the game. Batman is already confirmed to be joining the game’s lineup of heroes.

First seen at and source: Financial Times, Pocket Gamer