Immerex, a virtual reality company creating cinema-centric virtual reality experiences, today introduced its end-to-end virtual reality solution and next-generation VRG-9020 head-mounted display (HMD) to the Chinese market at the 2016 ChinaJoy.

The company, now part of a global entity, has offices in the U.S., China, Japan, and Korea and is well-positioned given its worldwide partnerships and extensive business and entertainment connections to fuel the growing VR pipeline in China and beyond. Just last month, the company introduced its VRG-9020 HMD display to U.S. audiences at E3 Expo in Los Angeles and received rave reviews for its slim, portable and compact design as well as cinema-centric immersive experience.

The VRG-9020 HMD is designed to be compact and stylish for comfortable, on-the-go virtual reality experiences. Free from restrictive tethering to computers, the VRG-9020 connects to a small VR media box, powering experiences with Immerex’s proprietary SDK that can project immersive true VR content, as well as conventional 2D and 3D films. User-friendly, the sleek VRG-9020 comes with headphones and a full in-line controller. Users can also utilize their smartphone as a controller by connecting via Bluetooth.

“China possesses a massive entertainment industry. Leveraging Immerex’s strategic alliances throughout Asia, we have direct access to the region’s expansive investments in film and television production, content distribution and the box office,” said Kirin Li, head of Immerex Global. “According to iiMedia Research Group, the virtual reality market in China is expected to grow to 55 billion yuan in the next four years, and we believe Immerex’s expertise and collaborative relationships in the marketplace put us in excellent position to accelerate this technology development and market adoption.”

Immerex offers users an extensive VR content library with an emphasis in cinema, as well as gaming and applications. Immerex’s business model includes actively building a full VR ecosystem in the U.S., China and other key global markets.

Source: Immerex